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Uganda urged to free 19 queer men arrested, whipped and interrogated under ‘bogus’ coronavirus charges

Around 23 LGBT+ people in Uganda were whipped by officials before being chained and walked to the police station, disturbing footage shows. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Homeless queer Ugandans brutally whipped by mayor before being falsely arrested under coronavirus laws

HIV medication Uganda

LGBT people jailed after ‘targeted’ coronavirus raid can’t access vital HIV drugs, activists say

Uganda charges 20 LGBT people with risking the spread of coronavirus

Uganda charges 20 LGBT+ people with risking the spread of coronavirus after ‘targeted’ police raid

Uganda gay arrests

Ugandan police charge 67 people with ‘causing a nuisance’ after harrowing raid on gay-friendly bar

First LGBT+ centre in Uganda called ‘criminal act’ by ethics minister

Reports of police raids and arrests at Uganda Pride

These brave people marched in Pride Uganda despite fear of violence

Ugandan President to meet with caucus to discuss invalidated anti-gay law

Pride parade held in Uganda following invalidation of anti-gay law

Uganda claims that US sanctions will harm ‘the most vulnerable people’

Two Ugandan men could be jailed for life if convicted in homosexuality trial

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