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Tory mayor

Tory mayor insists LGBT+ people are only worthy of respect if they don’t have gay sex

Robert Biedron LGBT+ poland

Poland’s hateful crusade against LGBT+ folk compared to dehumanising treatment of Jews before World War Two

Jewish teen shuns gendered ceremonies for gender-neutral b'nai mitzvah

Jewish teen shuns gendered coming-of-age ceremonies for a ‘super cool’ gender-neutral b’nai mitzvah

Leaders from every major religion join forces to support LGBT community

Leaders from every major religion join forces to fight homophobia, end conversion therapy and protect trans people

Winona Ryder Mel Gibson

Winona Ryder accuses Mel Gibson of making barbaric homophobic and antisemitic ‘jokes’

Gay men wearing pink triangle, representing Holocaust Memorial Day

Polish Jews plead with politicians to learn from the horrors of the Holocaust and stop ‘dehumanising’ LGBT+ people


Jewish radio station apologises for claims that coronavirus is a ‘designer drug’ to eradicate gays before Messiah comes

Inclusive sex education overwhelmingly benefits children, says expert

This Orthodox Jewish school has two weeks to agree to LGBT-inclusive education or face closure

Rick Wiles: Minister claims being trans is a Jewish plot to end humanity

Right-wing minister claims being trans is a Jewish plot to make humanity androgynous

Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman on being a gender nonconforming, bisexual Jew in Donald Trump’s nihilistic world

LGBT-inclusive education orthodox rabbi

Orthodox rabbi says Jews should choose death over ‘compliance’ with LGBT-inclusive education in schools

First gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem

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