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Hogwarts Legacy

‘Far-right’ Harry Potter game designer quits after raging at ‘social justice warriors’ on YouTube

Harry Potter video game will allow trans characters – but fans aren't happy

Harry Potter video game will allow trans witches and wizards – but fans say it’s too little, too late

TERF definition meaning what is a terf

The complex, divisive history of the word TERF, what it means and why it’s not actually a slur

Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter video game will allow players to create trans witches and wizards, report claims

Hogwarts Legacy

‘Far-right’ Harry Potter video game designer raged at feminists and ‘social justice warriors’ on YouTube

JK Rowling: Transphobia causing 'significant damage' to LGBT rights in UK

JK Rowling and anti-trans rhetoric have caused ‘significant damage’ to the UK, international LGBT+ report warns

School drops JK Rowling and Winston Churchill from house names over their ‘intolerant’ views

Harry Potter author JK Rowling attends the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them premiere in 2016

HBO urged not to give JK Rowling ‘undeserved platform’ with Harry Potter reboot series

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Warner Bros)

Harry Potter live-action TV series ‘in early stages’ and LGBT+ fans have had it, officially

Former Harry Potter star Rupert Grint

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint spoke out in support of trans people to ‘get some kindness out there’

Judith Butler explains JK Rowling 'fostering hatred' against trans people

Feminist icon Judith Butler dissects why JK Rowling continues to speak out on trans lives

Eddie Izzard (L) and JK Rowling

Eddie Izzard insists JK Rowling ‘isn’t transphobic’ as gender fluid comic defends author’s views

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