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UKIP candidate compared LGBT anti-racism marchers to ‘Jews for Hitler’

Anti-gay pamphlets in Amsterdam encourage religions to exterminate gay people

‘Nazi grandma’ jailed for denying the Holocaust ever happened

Anti-gay clerk’s lawyer compares her to ‘Jews led to the gas chambers’

Anti-Defamation League condemns clerk’s lawyer for comparing her to ‘Jews in the gas chambers’

Radio host: Stopping gays from marrying is ‘heroic’ like refusing to gas Jews

Scott Lively ‘not unhappy’ that Uganda’s anti-gay law was struck down

US radio host: ‘Homo Fascists’ will soon force homophobes to wear symbols like the Nazis forced Jews

Poll: Only 21% of Brits believe churches are welcoming of gay people

Comment: Good riddance to the bigoted Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican official: The Catholic Church is being ‘persecuted’ due to its anti-gay positions

Comment: A call for tolerance between London’s Muslim and LGBT communities

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