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Armie Hammer in a black turtleneck looking to the right

Armie Hammer denies he’s ‘100 per cent a cannibal’

Trans nibling of Jennifer Lopez reveals how they came out through art

Jennifer Lopez’s trans nibling reflects on how art helped them come out in powerful short film

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey discovers new levels of shade while dismissing Jennifer Lopez and her billionaire ex-fiancé

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

The way Mariah Carey shades Jennifer Lopez in her new memoir deserves a Booker, a Pulitzer and a Nobel prize

Trans nibling of Jennifer Lopez reveals how they came out through art

Jennifer Lopez introduces her transgender nibling Brendon to the world as she shares their moving short film

Eight times Jennifer Lopez screamed ‘gay rights’ and stanning was the only option

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham says J-Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl show was ‘sexual exploitation’ of women (but Trump is totally fine)

Shakira celebrated her 43rd birthday and her Latinx and Arabian roots during her 2020 Super Bowl halftime show performance. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show sparks both a meme and a history lesson in Arabic expression

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made America gay again with their Super Bowl half time show

Jennifer Lopez met with gay teen Nat Werth

Jennifer Lopez surprises gay teen who was barred from giving valedictorian speech

Jennifer Lopez to guest star on Will & Grace revival

jlo getty

Jennifer Lopez has paid a beautiful tribute to her sister’s non-binary child

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