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Pastor offers to take over Donald Trump’s campaign and save him from ‘faggot buttholes’

Watch: World’s craziest homophobes unite to attack gay lizard mafia and ‘brain-eating Beyoncé’

We don’t think this anti-gay pastor is taking his PayPal boycott entirely seriously

Closure of ‘Jesus would stone homos’ church delayed amid legal challenge

LGBT homeless charity hits funding target in bid to buy ‘Jesus would stone homos’ church

This homophobic pastor is NOT happy about ‘fags’ trying to buy his church

LGBT homeless charity raises $115,000 in bid to buy ‘Jesus would stone homos’ church

‘Jesus would stone homos’ church might be turned into LGBT homeless centre

Anti-gay pastor threatens to murder protesters and ‘p*ss on your mother’s grave’

Donald Trump endorsed by pastor who insists Starbucks puts ‘sodomite semen’ in lattes

This pastor is trying to boycott literally every company that accepts gay people

Preacher: Supreme Court justices were ‘blackmailed’ by their secret gay lovers

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