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Christian Jessen minimised the "panic" surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. (David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Dr Christian Jessen claims Italians are using coronavirus for a ‘long siesta’. More than 1,000 people have died in Italy


Mafia heir defies her traditional family upbringing to become a powerful transgender activist

Gay mafia hitman

Gay mafia hitman murdered by his own cousin after mob boss declared his lifestyle a ‘disgrace’

Robbed, beaten and cast aside under a manhole, a trans woman was involved in a vicious attack in Italy. (Stock photo via UnSplash)

Trans woman found bruised, bleeding and trapped under a manhole after three men robbed and brutally beat her


Mafia drops ban on homosexuality after discovering mob boss’ son is a fabulous drag queen

Hotel worker brutally assaulted and spat on by colleague in vile homophobic attack

Luca Trapanese and his daughter Alba, who has Down's syndrome

Single gay man ‘overcome with joy’ after adopting baby with Down’s syndrome who was rejected 20 times

Ancient roman skeletons both men

Two ancient Roman skeletons have been holding hands for 1,500 years, and they’re both men

Doctor prescribes ‘ex-gay’ celebrity’s autobiography to cure patient’s homosexuality

European airline offers non-binary gender option for first time

Italy elects first transgender mayor near Milan

Italy won’t let gay dads register as co-parents to babies

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