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tiktok Cash Baker lgbt

Christian TikTok influencer Cash Baker wants you to know he doesn’t hate LGBT+ people, he just thinks we’re all going to burn in hell

Joshua Sutcliffe Oxford

Teacher who was fired after repeatedly misgendering a trans boy blames the ‘LGBT+ mafia’ for losing his job

Judge Rinder shuts down Boris Johnson’s father for shocking ‘Islamophobia’ live on air

Sally-Ann Hart

Tory candidate already under investigation for antisemitism in fresh homophobia and Islamophobia row

Roger Scruton, British philosopher and political scientist

Theresa May’s adviser compared gay sex to incest

Germany is tolerant of LGBT people, but not Muslims

MPs are trying to ban anti-gay preacher Franklin Graham from entering the country

Pride in London condemns Islamophobia in ‘Allah is gay’ row

UKIP candidate compared LGBT anti-racism marchers to ‘Jews for Hitler’

A queer cabaret show is coming to London in aid of Islamophobia awareness month

LGBT Muslims speak out: ‘I feel like I should not exist’

Trump Tweets Hopkins: Are Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump friends now?

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