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LGBT+ people in Iran face the death penalty or lashings for same-sex intercourse.

Iran’s use of electric shocks on LGBT+ children is torture and ‘echoes treatment by the Nazis’

ILGA-World homosexuality United Nations

The dangerous and oppressive countries where same-sex love is still a crime, mapped

British-Iranian anthropologist Kameel Ahmady, who was charged with "promoting homosexuality" in Iran

British-Iranian academic imprisoned for eight years for ‘promoting homosexuality’

Iran president LGBT+ queer

Six in 10 queer Iranians have been assaulted by homophobic family members. Almost half have been sexually assaulted in public

Iranian aide

Iranian aide who shared cartoon of loving same-sex parents faces up to ten years in prison for ‘homosexual propaganda’

Iranian aide

Top Iranian aide apologises for ‘homosexual propaganda’ after sharing cartoon of loving lesbian and gay parents

Thousands of gay people are being forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Iran for a vile reason

This is how you can help a twice-tortured gay Christian from Iran who’s facing deportation

Iranian militia declares Iraq is 'not a country for filthy homosexuals'

Iranian militia declares Iraq is ‘not a country for filthy homosexuals’ in chilling rant

Non-binary people in Iran don’t need a gender-neutral pronoun – because the language is already inclusive of them

Iran’s foreign minister defends execution of gay people on ‘moral principles’

Iranian man ‘publicly hanged for having gay sex’

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