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Director Desiree Akhavan on bi-erasure: ‘If I’m walking down the street with a woman, I’m a lesbian’

Iran’s transgender community are being beaten and disowned in spite of legal protections

Shocking video shows trans woman being attacked while police officer turns a blind eye

Russian riot policemen detain a gay and LGBT rights activist during an unauthorized gay rights activists rally in central Moscow on May 30, 2015. Moscow city authorities turned down demands for a gay rights rally. AFP PHOTO/DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV (Photo credit should read DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

How do these 7 Western cities compare to their twins on LGBT rights?

Gunshots fired as 30 men arrested in Iran accused of being gay

Trump brought down by his own words as second travel and refugee ban is blocked

Gay artists Francis Bacon and Bahman Mohasses to be exhibited in Tehran

Gay Iranian man fears he cannot re-enter US under new Trump order

Is Donald Trump about to appoint a gay Ambassador?

Gay US state senator under ‘full surveillance’ during trip to Iran

Daily Mail reports on Jeremy Corbyn PinkNews Live interview without mentioning LGBT issues

Owen Smith: Jeremy Corbyn ‘should not have taken money’ from Iranian propaganda channel

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