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State troopers thronged the Iowa Capitol Hill building and demanded the trans teens leave the premises after using restrooms that align with their gender identity. The Iowa state trooper demanded the trans teen leave after they used the restroom, with one teen lashing back "Why do you care?" On the right, the students leave the building in tears. (Iowa Safe Schools)

State troopers bully and threaten to arrest queer students for simply using the bathroom

Dennis Guth: Republican wants to create a database of people's sexuality

Republican wants to create a record of people’s sexual orientation and hand down harsh penalties to those who lie

Pete Buttigieg responded on The View after an Iowa voter tried to take back her vote for him

Pete Buttigieg takes the moral high ground after voter says she doesn’t want a gay president

gender dysphoria

Republicans are trying to ban trans and Pride flags from flying at public buildings

Katilin Bennett's discussion with a police officer at an Iowa, US, Pride has gone viral. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Everyone’s least-favourite far-right gun activist gets epically shut down by cop at Pride parade

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg inadvertently unites everywhere stoners after claiming ‘the J stands for joint’

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren once again uses national platform to highlight violence against trans women of colour

Adolfo Martinez was sentenced to at least 15 years jail time after setting the Pride flag outside a church on fire. (Ames Police Department/Screenshot via Google Maps)

Man who tore down and burned an LGBT Pride flag jailed for 15 years

Buttigieg Arizona

Pete Buttigieg is tied with Donald Trump in Republican stronghold of Arizona as popularity surges

Elizabeth Warren hug

Elizabeth Warren shares tearful moment with queer teen when asked about acceptance

Transgender Flag

Republican politician claims flying the trans flag is a ‘rainbow jihad’, clearly not knowing what ‘jihad’ means

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is the top choice for the Democratic nomination in a crucial and eye-opening new poll

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