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Pidgeon Pagonis intersex

Intersex activist reclaims the word hermaphrodite and shares their painful story: ‘I am so hurt’

Intersex justice activists

What does intersex mean, how to be an intersex ally and other important things you should know

Hollyoaks' Ki Griffin speaks to thousands of queers at London Trans+ Pride

Intersex Hollyoaks star Ki Griffin explains why we need to ‘transcend’ the ‘broken’ binary system

Sajid Javid

Tory health minister Sajid Javid is playing into a ‘sick culture war’ at intersex people’s expense


Landmark shift to end unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex children gains pace in Australia

On the left: Mistress Velvet poses tot he camera wearing purple lipstick. On the right: They pose in a latex onesie.

Mistress Velvet, the queer intersex dominatrix who made clients read Black feminist theory, has died. She was 33

Roshaante Anderson intersex man

Intersex activist lives as a man rather than a woman because men get ‘so much more respect’

NieR Replicant

Action game NieR Replicant condemned for rewarding players who look up intersex character’s skirt


Germany finally bans unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex children – but ‘loophole’ means it may still continue

Stephanie Vaughan's intersex memoir

Intersex woman operated on at birth had her truth hidden from her for 50 years

Spanish protests trans rights in spain

Spain to issue massive fines for anyone offering conversion therapy. In the UK, it’s crickets from Boris Johnson

Caster Semenya running

Caster Semenya takes Olympics fight to human rights court after being told she can’t compete without altering natural hormones

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