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German Ethics Council: Incest should be legal for consenting siblings

US: Texas lawmakers compare same-sex marriage to paedophilia and incest in legal brief

Anti-gay activist: Gays will next demand incest rights, because of Game of Thrones

Australia: Judge suspended for claiming incest is no longer taboo because homosexuality is legal

US: Pennsylvania Governor compares same-sex marriage to incest

Bishop of Honolulu: Equal marriage could lead to polygamy and incest

Lord Carey: ‘Love is not enough’ to justify same-sex marriage

Jeremy Irons: ‘I don’t know the difference between a same-sex marriage and a civil partnership’

Jeremy Irons: My claims about father-son same-sex marriages were mischievous but valid

Fox News contributor on Jeremy Irons’ father-son marriage comments: ‘Seriously, why not incest?’

Jeremy Irons: Same-sex marriage could lead to fathers marrying their sons for tax purposes

US columnist says equal rights will lead to legalisation of incest, paedophilia and rape

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