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Vladimir Putin said trans existence is almost a crime

Terrifying new law that would legally erase transgender people inches closer to reality in Putin’s Russia


Remember Trump’s supposed campaign to decriminalise homosexuality around the world? Unsurprisingly, it’s a ‘sham’

Gay and trans Syrians routinely mutilated and raped by ISIS militants

Gay and trans Syrians routinely mutilated, raped and anally violated by ISIS militants and government officials alike

Russia withdraws terrifying bill to legally erase trans people – but the threat hasn't yet gone away

Plot twist. Russian court rules… in favour of trans woman, says her firing was unlawful

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson warned ‘regressive’ anti-trans plans would put vulnerable trans women at risk of violence

Mohamad al-Bokari: Pro-LGBT blogger tortured by Saudi Arabia authorities

Saudi authorities beat blogger, subject him to anal exam and demand he ‘confess’ being gay – all because he supports LGBT+ rights

Black Lives Matter

75 LGBT+ groups join coalition in support of Black Lives Matter: ‘We understand what it means to rise up’


Homeless LGBT+ Ugandans finally released after being held for almost 50 days on ‘unlawful’ coronavirus charges


Uganda urged to free 19 queer men arrested, whipped and interrogated under ‘bogus’ coronavirus charges

Colombia: Gendered lockdown that sparked anti-trans violence to be lifted

Gender-based lockdown rules that fuelled rise in violence against transgender people to be lifted


EU urged to act against Hungary as Viktor Orbán pushes ahead with ‘evil’ plan to devastate trans rights

Camila Díaz Córdova trans El Salvador

Murder trial of trans woman allegedly killed by police officers to proceed, but it won’t be classed as a hate crime

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