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Hollyoaks' Ki Griffin speaks to thousands of queers at London Trans+ Pride

Hollyoaks star Ki Griffin tells Trans+ Pride why we need to ‘transcend’ the ‘broken’ binary system

Non-binary Hollyoaks star announces their name is Tylan Grant

Hollyoaks star Tylan Grant comes out as non-binary: ‘It’s my biggest achievement’

Trans people at work: Ki Griffin and Jules Guaitamacchi share their stories

Three loud and proud trans trailblazers on thriving and celebrating transness in a cis-dominated world

Text reading: PinkNews Awards 2020 in association with Amazon

PinkNews Awards 2020: Nominees revealed for Television Award

Hollyoaks casts non-binary actor Ki Griffin into permanent role

Hollyoaks scores a major victory for non-binary representation as actor Ki Griffin joins the main cast

Bronagh Waugh marriage equality

Straight actress sets a date after refusing to wed until same-sex marriage was legalised in Northern Ireland

Hollyoaks actor calls out viewers who complain about LGBT storylines

Hollyoaks star Jimmy Essex and long-term partner Charles kiss

Hollyoaks star Jimmy Essex gets engaged to long-term partner Charles

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis thought she was going to die after ex ‘accused her of lesbian affair’

Hollyoaks star: Writers have a ‘duty’ to cast trans actors

Duncan James

Duncan James says coming out was the ‘best thing he ever did’

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and husband Carl Hyland welcome twins

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