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Gracie Cartier HIV positive Transcend +Life

Trans activist Gracie Cartier comes out as HIV-positive: ‘I’m living happy and healthy’

President Joe Biden

Joe Biden calls for $270 million HIV funding boost to end AIDS epidemic

Princess Diana on a hospital ward talking to nurses

Permanent memorial to those lost to the AIDS crisis to finally be unveiled

A scan showning HIV-1 virions as green round bumps budding from the surface of a cultured lymphocyte cell. Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

New HIV vaccine ‘based on Moderna’s COVID jab’ shows huge promise after first human trials

Boris Johnson COVID Downing Street Briefing

Boris Johnson fiercely condemned for confusing HIV with ‘AIDS or whatever’

Matt Hancock, health secretary, leaves 10 Downing Street after the daily coronavirus briefing on May 26

There’s an astonishingly simple way to make PrEP available for all. What’s the government waiting for?

The positive impact of gender-affirming surgery on trans people with HIV

Gender-affirming surgery has significant benefit for trans people living with HIV, study finds

Ruth Coker Burks

‘AIDS angel’ who devoted her life to caring for gay men buried the ashes of countless abandoned sons

Republican argues against masks because they werent used to stop AIDS

Arizona passes ridiculous anti-mask law after Republican argues masks weren’t used to stop AIDS

Rupert Everett Life Stories Piers Morgan

Rupert Everett ‘ran in the opposite direction’ when boyfriend was diagnosed with HIV in the 80s

Hilary Jones Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones apologises for false claim about doctors with HIV

Freddie Mercury George Michael

Queen’s Roger Taylor addresses rumours George Michael was going to replace Freddie Mercury

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