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GPs to give fewer HIV prescriptions due to coronavirus stockpiling fears

GPs told to not to give repeat prescriptions for HIV medication over fears of coronavirus stockpiling

Joe Biden coronavirus ad praises Reagan, forgetting his response to AIDS

Joe Biden coronavirus ad praises Ronald Reagan, seemingly forgetting his handling of the AIDS crisis killed thousands

London patient: Second person to ever be cured of HIV reveals his identity

The second person in the world to ever be cured of HIV just revealed his identity

Secret memo reveals trans woman bleeding from rectum was ignored for 13 days while jailed by ICE

Mike Pence

Mike Pence says he’s ‘proud’ of his abysmal handling of Indiana’s HIV crisis

Antiretroviral pills Truvada sit on a tray at Jack's Pharmacy on November 23, 2010 in San Anselmo, California.

Government ‘entirely unclear’ on how it will keep promise to deliver PrEP in England by April, charity warns

20 years ago today, the Tories celebrated saving homophobic Section 28

School trust defends ‘explicitly homophobic’ education policy with chilling similarities to Section 28

HIV vaccine

Back to the drawing board for scientists as yet another experimental HIV vaccine has failed to pass clinical trials

LGB Alliance: LGBT clubs in schools a risk due to 'predatory gay teachers'

LGB Alliance co-founder displays basic ignorance about HIV prevention drug PrEP

These friends are watching the incomprehensible terror of Cats for 24 hours straight in the name of HIV charity

Dan Hazard: Judge apologises for saying gay men with HIV deserve to die

Judge apologises for writing homophobic letters and saying gay people with HIV deserved to die

French police filmed beating HIV-positive man at yellow vests protest

French police filmed brutally beating injured HIV-positive man at yellow vests protest

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