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Franklin Graham takes the stage at a Trump rally

To the surprise of nobody, Franklin Graham is back to hating on gay people, after denying he’s a hate preacher

Franklin Graham

Hate preacher Franklin Graham claims he doesn’t even know what ‘homophobia’ means. Yes, really

hate preacher Larry Stockstill

Scotland just cancelled yet another homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-women Christian hate preacher

Pro-Trump hate preacher Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham’s UK tour left in tatters as nearly every venue drops anti-LGBT hate preacher

Franklin Graham gives a blessing next to US President Donald Trump at the White House

Yet another UK arena is considering cancelling an appearance by hate preacher Franklin Graham

Hate preacher Franklin Graham

Liverpool arena cancels appearance by Donald Trump’s favourite hate preacher Franklin Graham after furious backlash

Franklin Graham talks with President Donald Trump

Sheffield’s queer community makes last-ditch attempt to cancel ‘hate monger’ Franklin Graham visit

Hate preacher who called for gay men to be killed teaching in the UK

This little girl had an amazing message of love for an anti-gay preacher

Scott Lively: Obama ‘orchestrated’ Ukraine conflict over Russia’s anti-gay laws

Islamic preacher who called for gays ‘to be thrown off mountain’ to speak at London conference

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