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Harvey Milk

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An attendee holds a picture of Harvey Milk at a memorial event marking 30th anniversary of killings of George Moscone and Harvey Milk at City Hall in San Francisco, California. (Mark Constantini/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Remembering the lasting legacy of Harvey Milk 42 years since his death, the gay pioneer who tragically became a martyr

Jane Fonda was setting the standard for LGBT allies way back in 1979

Viral video shows Jane Fonda setting the gold standard for being an LGBT+ ally way back in 1979

Harry Britt

Harry Britt, the openly gay former minister who succeeded the pioneering Harvey Milk, has tragically died

Harvey Milk Joe Biden Stuart Milk

Electing Joe Biden is the only way to continue Harvey Milk’s legacy of fighting for equality, claims nephew Stuart

Kathy Kozachenko: First gay US public official wants more queers to run

America’s forgotten first LGBT+ elected official, three years before Harvey Milk, wants more queer people to run for office

School chiefs claps back at homophobic religious groups in an iconic way

These religious homophobes think schools teach kids to be gay. So a school chief clapped back in the most iconic of ways

Harvey Milk

The reason the US Navy is naming a ship after queer pioneer Harvey Milk might surprise you

Queer children’s author slams Illinois school for cancelling her visit over reference to Harvey Milk

San Francisco airport honours Harvey Milk with Terminal 1 exhibit

Portland names major street after LGBT icon Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk Day: Assassinated gay rights hero would have turned 88 today

Who was Harvey Milk? Meet California’s first openly gay elected official

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