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Red carpet headshot of Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming told Harry Potter producers to ‘f**k off’ after they ‘lied’ about part

Students from Emerson College and Boston University play a real-life version of Quidditch, the fictional game made popular in the Harry Potter series

Real-life sport of Quidditch changing name due to JK Rowling’s ‘anti-trans positions’

The JK Rowling book has now been published - and it includes some extremely problematic elements

Barnes & Noble displays ‘unproblematic wizarding books’ without a Harry Potter title in sight

Emma Watson turns to the side and smiles

Emma Watson thanks Harry Potter fans for ‘fighting’ to make fandom ‘loving and inclusive’

side by side pictures of lil nas x in a costume as lord voledmort from the harry potter franchise, a picture of him just in a red suit jacket and also as seth powers from ned's declassified school survival guide

Lil Nas X proves once again he’s the king of Halloween by serving not one, but two iconic looks

Dumbledore is So Gay

Dumbledore is So Gay is the queer coming-of-age story LGBT+ Harry Potter fans deserve

Fantastic Beasts characters NEwt and Tina / JK Rowling

Fantastic Beasts star says it was ‘important’ to distance herself from JK Rowling’s trans views

Erika Ishii

Apex Legends actor condemns transphobia with full-throated roar on Harry Potter show

JK Rowling

Book festival cancels Harry Potter event over JK Rowling’s ‘hurtful’ trans views

Harry Potter-inspired, real-life Diagon Alley is raising money for trans kids

Harry Potter-inspired store and ‘real-life Diagon Alley’ is celebrating trans kids

A young Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

‘Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch’ fan spin-off brings much-needed trans representation to Hogwarts

Hogwarts Legacy

‘Far-right’ Harry Potter game designer quits after raging at ‘social justice warriors’ on YouTube

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