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Lifetime lgbt Christmas

Lifetime set to finally give the gays everything they ever wanted for Christmas with its first-ever LGBT+ holiday film


Christian homophobes are boycotting wrapping paper and greeting cards because of ‘the LGBT+ agenda’

Hallmark LGBT characters Christmas

Hallmark promises LGBT+ Christmas films are on the way after its painfully heterosexual reveal of new titles

Hallmark channel CEO

Hallmark Channel CEO steps down after backlash over a lesbian kiss that lasted literally two seconds

Two brides walking down the aisle, one is kissing the other's hand

TV channel says it will reinstate 30 second TV ad featuring lesbian kiss after Ellen DeGeneres intervenes

One Million Moms

Hallmark have pulled wedding ads featuring a lesbian kiss after a right-wing hate group lashed out

One Million Moms

Right-wing hate group is seriously raging at a TV channel for showing a 30 second advert with a lesbian kiss

Hallmark Christmas movie petition

‘Viral’ Catholic petition against a gay Hallmark Christmas movie turns out to be fake

Hallmark LGBT characters Christmas

Hallmark boss says company is ‘open’ to queer lead characters in Christmas movies, despite featuring none

Gay Twitter really, really wants a queer Hallmark Christmas film

Gay Twitter really, really wants a queer Hallmark Christmas film

Hallmark Christmas

Hallmark is releasing 40 new Christmas movies, and not a single one features an LGBT character in a leading role

Hallmark is now offering transgender people cards to celebrate their transition

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