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Mayor Alex Morse of Holyoke campaigns ahead of the September 1 primaries,

Gay mayor Alex Morse loses congressional bid after ‘homophobic Grindr smear campaign’


Cruel dad who mercilessly whipped his son after finding out he was on Grindr sentenced to 18 months in prison

University president grindr restraining order

University president ‘shocked’ by accusation he drugged a man he met on Grindr with GHB for group sex

grindr art circle feature

Grindr adds ‘art sharing’ feature where users can critique each other’s work and, spoiler, it’s mostly nudes

Sugar daddy Catholic priest swapped nudes with teenage boy on Grindr

‘Sugar daddy’ Catholic priest ‘swapped nudes’ with teenage boy on Grindr

Oxford student grindr

Student, 27, jailed after asking 14-year-old for sex on Grindr. His defence? He was lonely in lockdown

Jessica Patel Mitesh Patel murder

Husband spent years planning his wife’s murder so he could move to Sydney to be with his gay lover, report finds

Worried old man

Grandfather blackmailed by 25-year-old Grindr hook-up who threatened to out him to his family

Gay dating apps

Grindr is still promoting its reviled ethnicity feature a month after it said it was removing it

Teenager mutilated and left for dead by Jeffrey Dahmer fanatic Grindr date

Teenager mutilated, ‘tortured for hours’ and left for dead by his Jeffrey Dahmer fanatic Grindr date

An iPhone with a Grindr splash screen

Grindr’s new straight CEO wants the hook-up app to be a ‘positive place for everyone – not just good-looking people’

Mark Latunski has been charged with murder over the killing of Kevin Bacon

Grindr cannibal who ‘mutilated and ate the testicles’ of Kevin Bacon accused of yet another horrific hook-up attack

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