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A gay dating app is launching an AI-operated verification system. (Dan Porges/Getty Images)

Gay dating app is introducing an AI verification process to clamp down on catfishing

A guy on Grindr was asked to be a part of what Twitter users have dubbed a "charity orgy", and users are losing their collective minds. (Leon Neal/Getty Images/Twitter)

Man on Grindr throws ‘charity orgy’ to raise money for the families of two gay men who died

Four words that sum up Grindr’s biggest problem

Gay man who meant to meet someone from Grindr ambushed and attacked by teen gang with hammers in hate crime

Irish government considering new legislation after horrifying hate crime

A website for straight men is being dragged to hell and back on Twitter after mistakingly tweeting a Grindr conversation

A website for straight men is being dragged to hell and back after mistakenly tweeting a Grindr conversation

Grindr chemsex expert has account banned

Grindr bans man who set up account to help people with chemsex and drug abuse issues

A man living with HIV shared screenshots of a Grindr conversation that, just for being open about his status, resulting in him being blocked. (Leon Neal/Getty Images/Twitter)

HIV-positive man shares the vile abuse he gets on Grindr for disclosing his status – and it’s eye-opening

A man was blocked on Grindr by a guy on PrEP because he lives with HIV. (Getty)

HIV-positive guy gets blocked on Grindr by man on PrEP – and the internet has a lot of thoughts

The Old Gays tried out Grindr for the first time, and the results are pretty eye-opening. (Screen capture via YouTube/Into)

Four older gay men try Grindr for the very first time – and they really don’t hold back

An iPhone with a Grindr splash screen

Teen boy rescued after being kidnapped by gang he met on Grindr

An iPhone with a Grindr splash screen

Man jailed for blackmail after threatening to leak nude photos of men he met on Grindr

An iPhone screen showing the Grindr icon

‘Grindr is in shambles right now’: Texas passes law banning unsolicited nudes

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