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Republican claims ‘demonic spirits’ are using Beauty and the Beast to make kids gay

Republican lawmaker: Gays will demand to have sex in Christian people’s houses

Boy Scouts ‘should be drowned’ for lifting ban, claims homophobic senator

Republican who said gays ‘should be discriminated against’: I am being discriminated against

Republican who thinks ‘gays should be discriminated against’ elected in Colorado

Republican candidate: Liberals want ‘transgenders’ to rape girls in bathrooms

Former US Navy chaplain: Gay soldiers ruin the military by ‘taking breaks to change their diapers’

Video: Disgraced US Navy chaplain says if you are gay ‘you should be discriminated against’

US: As controversy dies down over anti-gay remarks, NFL’s Chris Culliver in trouble again

Video: Former US Navy chaplain says allowing openly gay players in the NFL is ‘demonic’

Former Navy chaplain: ‘Gay equal military benefits will lead to heterophobia’

Navy Chaplin: Newt Gingrich was tempted by demons to accept same-sex marriage

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