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45 out of 53 arrested for illegal gay wedding in Nigeria flee prosecutors

Obama asked Nigeria to delay bill to imprison gays for 14 years, politician claims

Former Nigerian President, who signed anti-LGBT law, says country could allow marriage equality

nigeria homosexuality arrest

Nigeria rejects US proposal to drop anti-gay law

Obama urged to fight for LGBT rights in Africa

Armed mob aiming to ‘cleanse’ Nigeria beats men with iron bars, telling gays to ‘pack and leave’

Goldie Hawn ’embarrassed’ after calling calling Nigerian President ‘wonderful’, unaware of anti-gay law

LGBT rights panel at Davos: ‘We still have a huge struggle’ for equality

Arrests of people perceived to be gay spread across Nigeria

Nigeria: Dozens of gay men already arrested before ‘jail the gays’ law officially enacted

Kaleidoscope Trust: Equal marriage could make ‘life worse’ for gay people in developing countries

Poll: 92% of Nigerians support proposed bill to criminalise same-sex marriage

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