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Hundreds of gay people to be ‘treated for homosexuality’ at camp in Ghana

President of Ghana ‘reassures’ church leaders that he won’t decriminalise homosexuality

Ghanaian MPs and pastors are homosexual, says media personality Akumaa Mama Zimbi

US Ambassador to Ghana says there are ‘far more gay people there than Ghanaians realise’

Church leader claims ‘most’ gay people are Satanists and secretly control the economy

Host faces criticism after interview with Ghana’s ‘first’ openly transgender female

LGBT Ghanaians are struggling to eat and find shelter due to a Colonial-era law

Bishop compares gays to murderers after Ghana President suggests decriminalising homosexuality

President of Ghana: Legalising homosexuality is ‘bound to happen’ in time


Lesbian gang-raped by five boys on her 14th birthday

Jurgen Hendrickx and boyfriend

Gay man deported because he’s ‘not gay enough’ could be killed in his home country

Hundreds of LGBT activists protest against ‘gay concentration camps’ in Chechnya

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