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Michelle Obama defended the friendship between Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush

Michelle Obama just defended Ellen DeGeneres having a friendship with George W Bush

Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush

Instead of anti-trans violence or workplace discrimination, Democratic presidential candidates were asked about Ellen and George Bush

Ellen DeGeneres decided to kiss Howard Stern for some reason

Ellen DeGeneres kisses Trump ally Howard Stern to ‘make America forget’ George Bush

Sir Elton John defended Ellen DeGeneres

Elton John has leapt to the defence of Ellen DeGeneres over her friendship with George Bush

The clip parodying Ellen DeGeneres was pulled down by a copyright claim

Video criticising Ellen DeGeneres over George Bush friendship pulled down after copyright claim

George W Bush’s daughter tried to convince him to support gay rights

George W Bush warns Trump over plans to slash funding for AIDS programmes

George Bush tells anti-LGBT hate group: Your important work makes the world better

George Bush ‘flattered’ by award from anti-LGBT hate group

Republican chair: Hillary is an ‘angry bull dyke’ and George Bush ‘can suck a d**k better than her’

Jeb Bush wrote to gay couple: Your relationship shouldn’t have the same status as ‘marraige’

Jeb Bush: I hope the Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage

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