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Cardi B on the red carpet and a young boy playing with a kitchen cooking set

Cardi B emphatically shuts down ridiculous ‘debate’ over kitchen sets for boys being ‘gay’

Gender has been split in two and marketed pink and blue

The long, troubling history of pink toys for girls and blue for boys

An illustration of a person in the grave

1,000-year-old skeleton may have been non-binary medieval warrior, say archaeologists

Gonzo wears a beautiful dress in the Muppet Babies episode Gonzo-rella

Muppet Babies have a beautiful message of acceptance for gender non-conforming kids everywhere

Indya Moore, Bimini Bon Boulash and Demi Lovato

28 non-binary activists, politicians and stars who are proud, visible and making the world a better place

Billy Porter Fab G Amazon Cinderella

Billy Porter casts a spell as genderless fairy godmother in magical first Cinderella trailer

Non-binary legal recognition too 'complex' to introduce, government says

As non-binary people, do we really want legal recognition? Or should we just abolish gender markers altogether?

Sex markers should be dropped from the public part of babies' birth certificates, the American Medical Association says.

Half of Generation Z and Millennials think the gender binary is outdated, eye-opening study reveals

Eddie Izzard

Transphobes are losing their minds over Eddie Izzard appearing on TV in ‘boy mode’

Gender stereotypes are fuelling a mental health crisis among children

Gender stereotypes are fuelling a mental health crisis among children and causing ‘serious, long-term harm’

Japan: Trans woman kept in solitary for 15 months after her visa expired

Trans woman sent to men’s prison twice describes ‘terrifying’ experience of rape, abuse and staff that ‘didn’t know what to do with me’

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal with Bloomsbury

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal for a gender manifesto ‘for all of us’

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