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Gender reveal

Academic and trans ally has ingenious suggestion for replacing abhorrent gender reveal parties once and for all

gender reveal party wildfire California manslaughter

Gender reveal party disaster sparks raging wildfire, leading to mass evacuations and destroying more than 7,000 acres

Gender reveal

Pregnant mum struck in the face with a baseball bat during latest excruciating gender reveal disaster


Grimes will let her baby discover their own gender identity

Woman cuts contact with sister for keeping her baby's gender a secret

Straight woman cuts contact with her sister because she kept her own baby’s gender a secret. Yes, really

A woman accidentally ruined her sister-in-law's gender reveal party, and was reaction ruptured reddit users. (Logan Riely/Beam Imagination/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)

Hate crimes are rising and the planet is burning, but this woman locked herself in a bathroom and cried because a gender reveal was ‘ruined’

The fact this comedian’s spoof of a gender reveal is so believable means that they really have gone too far

Latest gender reveal disaster causes plane crash in Texas

Plumes of pink smoke spread across a field in a promotional video of the Tannerite gender reveal boom box kit. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Second gender reveal explosion in two days attracts police and fire departments and straight people really need to stop

An explosion at the gender reveal party killed the woman instantly

Woman killed in explosion at gender reveal party

A man drives a car to perform a gender reveal while another man films it.

Gender reveal disaster leads to four being charged by police

Photos of Villa Italian Kitchen's gender reveal lasagna overlaid with tweets

Gender reveal lasagna is a new straight trend, and people hate it

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