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The Body Shop challenges JK Rowling to learn more about periods

JK Rowling wants you to think any cis man can simply get a Gender Recognition Certificate and live as a trans woman. She’s wrong

Freddy McConnell: Trans dad to take historic legal battle to Supreme Court

Trans man who gave birth Freddy McConnell will take his fight to be legally recognised as his child’s dad to the Supreme Court

'Little evidence' that trans activists 'skewed' Gender Recognition Act results

Majority of Scots back reducing the length of time trans people must live in their ‘acquired gender’ before getting a GRC

church of ireland non-binary

Ireland to simplify process for transgender 16- and 17-year-olds to change legal gender

Trans marriage

UK High Court rules marriage between woman and trans man is invalid as both were ‘legally female’

Center Parcs tells trans woman she can only use women’s changing rooms if she’s ‘gone through full transition’

Trans man finds out he is certified legally male in emotional video

Scotland “will not extend legal recognition to non-binary people”

Transgender Labour candidate: I’m living without legal gender recognition, the system needs reform

The process to change gender in the UK is expected to get much simpler

Interview: Bethany Black on appearing in Doctor Who, acting whilst trans and dropping her trousers

Ireland’s revolutionary new trans recognition law comes into effect next week

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