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Israel confirms being trans is not a mental disorder in ‘important step'

Israel declassifies being trans as a mental disorder in ‘important and significant step for the community’

Gender dysphoria explained to cis people with relatable Reddit analogy

Brilliant analogy explains what gender dysphoria feels like and why it’s so hard for trans and non-binary people

Reverend and the Makers

Reverend and the Makers frontman John McClure reveals classic track is actually about a child having gender dysphoria

Teens sue Arizona over Medicaid ban on transgender healthcare

This US state has refused to pay for trans healthcare for almost 40 years. Two teenagers are trying to end the ban once and for all

Anger at 193 week waiting list for trans patients to see a doctor on NHS

Trans patients are being forced to wait up to 193 weeks for vital healthcare. The NHS target is 18 weeks

Neo holding up his palm to stop a raft of bullets

Lilly Wachowski confirms that, yes, The Matrix is an allegory for the trans experience

Mayo Clinic radiologist comes out as trans in eye-opening thread

Trans radiologist gives an honest, intimate and vulnerable account of her journey to accepting her true gender identity

gender reveal party

Mum flips the script on gender reveal parties with tender, heartwarming celebration of her trans daughter’s true self

What is gender dysphoria? Here’s what you need to know if you’re feeling uneasy with your gender

gender dysphoria

India’s first trans pilot banned from flying for six months after gender dysphoria diagnosis

Puberty blockers are 'reversible and incredibly safe', doctor reminds public

Majority of trans people first question their gender before they’re seven years old, landmark study finds

Doctor William Powers gender dysphoria

Cis doctor who specialises in treating trans patients gives himself gender dysphoria after taking too much oestrogen

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