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Headshot of Margaret Atwood at The Handmaid's Tale premiere

‘Gender critical’ journalist tries to grill Margaret Atwood on trans rights. It backfires, badly

Boris Johnson leaves from 10 Downing Street

Council of Europe compares UK to Russia and Poland over ‘virulent attacks’ on LGBT+ rights

Former police officer Harry Miller

Spouting ‘gender critical’ bile on Twitter not enough to qualify as ‘hate incident’, court rules

Graham Linehan

A planned ‘gender critical coming out day’ sparks searing backlash: ‘It’s despicable in every way’

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan and anti-trans activists plan pathetic, pitiful Christmas campaign for TERFs

Marion Millar at an anti-trans protest on 2 September.

‘Gender critical’ activist Marion Millar in court over ‘homophobic and transphobic’ tweets

JK Rowling

JK Rowling death threats are vile and should be condemned. The same goes for transphobic violence

Maya Forstater.

Maya Forstater’s ex-colleagues pen explosive letter urging bosses to ‘stand up for trans rights’

What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

Ex-employer of ‘gender critical’ Maya Forstater to ‘dispute her version of events’ in court

What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

The Maya Forstater ruling isn’t the big win so-called gender critical feminists probably think it is

Gender critical feminists are 'peddling the far-right agenda', warns IRR

So-called ‘gender-critical’ feminists are ‘peddling the far-right agenda’, warns Institute of Race Relations

Trans boys sent to conversion therapy camps describe brutal treatment

Young trans men share brutal accounts of conversion therapy camps, where they were abused and forced to carry heavy rocks

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