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What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

Ex-employer of ‘gender critical’ Maya Forstater to ‘dispute her version of events’ in court

What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

The Maya Forstater ruling isn’t the big win so-called gender critical feminists probably think it is

Gender critical feminists are 'peddling the far-right agenda', warns IRR

So-called ‘gender-critical’ feminists are ‘peddling the far-right agenda’, warns Institute of Race Relations

Trans boys sent to conversion therapy camps describe brutal treatment

Young trans men share brutal accounts of conversion therapy camps, where they were abused and forced to carry heavy rocks

The confrontation between Black Lives Matter protesters and 'gender critical' activists grew ugly

‘Gender critical’ activists with ‘I heart JK Rowling’ banner mock Black Lives Matter protesters in ugly confrontation

Protect trans kids sign

Former ‘gender critical activist’ reveals the blisteringly obvious reason she changed her mind – she talked to trans kids

LGB Alliance logo

LGB Alliance founder defends working with anti-abortion, anti-LGBT+ Heritage Foundation in resurfaced tweets

Women's equality party hilary baxter

Women’s Equality Party officer claims she was kicked out for supporting JK Rowling. The party tells a completely different story

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre will continue to recruit trans volunteers

Rape charity that suffered transphobic backlash for recruiting trans women to help survivors refuses to back down

Reddit, after years of piling pressure, clamped down on boards that, under new guidelines, promoted hate speech. A transphobic "gender critical feminist" forum was one of them. (Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Reddit just banned its viciously transphobic ‘gender critical’ page amid vigorous crackdown on hate speech

JK Rowling sexual assault - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

JK Rowling invokes history of sexual assault while peddling widely debunked myth about trans people in single-sex spaces

Hereditary peer Lord Lucas has found something to occupy his time

Unelected Tory peer demands the government explain what a woman is because apparently there’s nothing more important going on

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