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kim petras

Saviour of pop Kim Petras says she was ‘minimised to her genitals’ as a teenager transitioning under the public eye

Coronavirus: Trans people see their healthcare deemed 'non-essential'

Trans people are seeing surgeries cancelled and healthcare deemed ‘non-essential’ during coronavirus

Doctors suspended after removing a trans man’s vagina in irreversible surgery

South Dakota: Republican compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazis

Republican politician compares doctors saving the lives of trans kids to Nazis

gender confirmation Surgery

Indian man accused of ‘duping’ woman into gender confirmation surgery with promise of marriage

Trans masculine bottom surgery currently unavailable in UK on NHS

Brazil lowers the minimum age for gender confirmation surgery, but bans pre-puberty hormone blockers

Trans woman

Trans woman raised on ‘boxing and bikes’ comes out to her bodybuilder dad and is overwhelmed by the support

Trans prisoner must be provided with gender-confirmation surgery, court rules

People in Hong Kong take part in the LGBT parade with other lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in 2014

Hong Kong rules transgender people need surgery to change legal gender

A person bends down and touches a weight at the gym

PureGym under fire after trans woman thrown out of changing room

Teen reality star Jazz Jennings opens up about upcoming gender confirmation surgery: ‘I’ve been wanting this my whole life’

This trans man’s tweet about his top surgery is going viral for all the right reasons

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