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Wil Wheaton

Star Trek star Wil Wheaton ‘loves’ that gay kids crushed on space twink Wesley Crusher

Gay Mormon Austin Swink

Gay Mormon comes out to religious father, but doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin felt ‘violated’ by Barbara Walters’ questions on his sexuality: ‘I was just not ready to come out’

Jack Andrews

Trailblazing wrestler Jack Andrews proudly comes out as gay on Facebook and Twitter

The Princess Diaries 2

Everyone seems to have forgotten a surprising gay moment from Disney’s The Princess Diaries 2

Pope Francis Catholic

Astute researcher points out glaring flaws in Catholic Church’s ‘shoddy’ teachings on homosexuality

Okan Yesilhat

Police officer who faked long-term gay relationship to scam a $6 million inheritance found guilty of fraud

Crank epically shut down after saying gay people can't be happy

Countless LGBT+ folk have same epic response to conspiracy theorist who said gay people can’t be happy

Daniel Howell gay YouTube

YouTube icon Dan Howell explains how coming out as gay transformed his mental health

A man in a white tee shirts swings his fist at a man at the entrance of a drugstore

Jaw-dropping CCTV footage shows thug punching gay man in broad daylight before snarling: ‘F**king gays’

5Pillars deputy editor Dilly Hussain

Muslim news site 5Pillars ordered to pay back COVID grant after publishing anti-gay video

Gay couple spat at and called 'dirty homos' for holding hands in public

Gay couple spat at and called ‘dirty homos’ in broad daylight for simply holding hands in public

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