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UK government will fine universities for canceling hateful speakers in new ‘war on woke’

Gay reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown

Gay reverend bombarded with horrific racist abuse after condemning clap for Captain Tom Moore

Poland justice minister

Poland proposes social media ‘free speech’ law to make censoring hateful content illegal

Cambridge University

Cambridge university declares free speech more important than basic respect for ‘diverse identities’

Hotel in free speech lawsuit must retrain staff to be nicer to homophobes

Hotel must train staff to be nicer to homophobes after being threatened with hefty ‘free speech’ lawsuit

JK Rowling

Teen news site apologises to JK Rowling for ‘suggesting she’s transphobic’ and urging readers to boycott her work

Startling video shows a white man's face redden with rage against braggers, hurling homophobic and racist insults at them. Police said it was his 'freedom of speech' to act in this way. (Screen captures via Facebook)

Man screams homophobic and racist slurs at random members of the public. Police refuse to arrest because he has a right to ‘free speech’

JK Rowling joins 150 writers, academics and activists calling for end to cancel culture – with an open letter in a major magazine

Pride in Publishing hits back at Hachette’s support of JK Rowling

LGBT+ book industry workers hit back at JK Rowling’s publishing house standing by her freedom to be ‘anti-trans’

womans place uk oxford university

Trans allies pull out of University of Oxford feminist conference over ties with ‘clearly transphobic’ Woman’s Place UK

Scottish Poetry Library accused of 'institutional transphobia'

Scottish Poetry Library of ‘institutional transphobia’ after ‘no-platforming’ row

Gavin Williamson: Unis must protect free speech or 'government will'

Education secretary Gavin Williamson says universities must ‘do more’ to protect free speech or ‘the government will’

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