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tattooed school teacher

School teacher tattooed from head-to-toe, including his tongue and eyeballs, hopes to make children less homophobic

United Nations: Trans people are still criminalised in 13 member states

Trans people are still criminalised in 13 United Nation member states with rights in every corner of the world ‘regressing’

Posed by models (Pixels)

Trans woman denied right to be named as her child’s mother in a ‘scandalous’ high court ruling

Uber assault Paris homophobic

A homophobic Uber driver kicked a man out of his car for being gay. And it only got worse from there

Cap D'Agde

Queer-friendly French nudist resort sees surge in coronavirus cases as more than 100 naturists test positive

Gay couple Montpellier France attack

Gay couple beaten and their home trashed by ‘incredibly violent’ homophobic youth gang, just for existing

Paris: Thousands march against police brutality and for LGBT migrants

Pride may be cancelled, but thousands took to the streets in Paris to march for the rights of trans people, LGBT+ migrants and sex workers

Marie Cau: France makes history by electing first-ever openly trans mayor

Tiny village in France makes history by electing the country’s first-ever openly transgender mayor

An LGBT+ Pride parade in Paris, France. (Julien Mattia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Homophobia is ‘anchored’ in France as anti-LGBT+ hate crimes soar by more than a third

Gay couple asked to leave appartment as they'll be the 'first contaminated'

Gay couple asked to leave apartment building because ‘homosexuals are the first to be contaminated’ by coronavirus

A gay couple were left shaken after being attacked by a man in Pau, France. (Pool BAITEL/LOUNES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

This gay couple stopped a man sexually harassing women. He paid them back with a vicious homophobic attack

Yannick Glaudin Grindr

Woman used fake Grindr account to harass a gay man and sent his nudes to his family and friends

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