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Trans love stories: Meet four T4T couples who will make your heart melt

4 devoted and loving transgender couples who will make your heart melt: ‘Trans love is a revolution’

British parents crowdfunding to be reunited with their transgender children

British mum sells her house to cover legal fees after losing custody of her child for supporting their transition

Carol and Nemo

New documentary to retrace Britain’s forgotten trans history – how 12 trailblazers roadtripped for change in 1975

JK Rowling Stephen King

JK Rowling deletes praise for Stephen King after he declares unequivocally that trans women are women

JK Rowling agency fox fisher

JK Rowling ‘has fallen in with the wrong crowd’ says non-binary author who quit her writing agency over its stance on trans rights

Authors quit JK Rowling agency over its failure to support trans rights

LGBT+ authors quit JK Rowling’s writing agency over its lack of support for trans rights

Get Off My Turf! New short film by an entirely trans cast and crew shows how illogical transphobia is

Piers Morgan smokes a cigar whilst watching the racing on day two of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2019 in Ascot, England.

Twitter ‘banned transphobia’ more than a year ago – but research shows the ban is failing trans people

Piers Morgan doubles down on anti-trans views

Piers Morgan doubles down on anti-trans views after petition calls for him to be sacked

Trans people will be able to self-identify on the next census for the very first time

I Am They is the non-binary representation we’ve been waiting for

Trans girl and woman discuss growing up decades apart

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