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Lesbian couples are struggling to access IVF on the NHS

Government urged to end ‘outrageous’ IVF discrimination pricing queer couples out of parenthood

Megan Bacon-Evans and Whitney stand side to side in pastel blazers

Lesbian couple sue NHS over IVF discrimination in landmark case: ‘It’s a gay tax’

Sperm sample, IVF

Mum fighting to save her dead trans daughter’s frozen sperm wins crucial Christmas reprieve in courts

cisgender same-sex couple with baby

Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

Man in snowy setting stares intensely at the camera

This is why winter is good for your penis, balls and sex life

NHS sued for failing to offer fertility services to transgender patients

NHS told: Offer transgender patients fertility treatments or face legal action

British Fertility Society calls on NHS to offer egg storage for trans men

New tool assesses trans young people’s interest in having kids post-transition

The Pope claims accepting transgender people will make everyone infertile

Lesbian couple who asked strangers to fund their baby now happily pregnant

Prospective same-sex parents face hurdles as NHS fertility treatments set to be axed

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