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Coronavirus information group rebrands to spread racist, homophobic hate

Coronavirus information group rebrands as sinister ‘free speech’ cesspit to spread racist, homophobic and transphobic hate

Facebook hate speech

Facebook refused to take down posts threatening to murder queer people because they ‘didn’t contradict standards’, say LGBT+ activists

Barbie same-sex wedding

Young girls throw adorable same-sex wedding for their Barbie dolls, officiated by Geri Halliwell, and it’s the definition of parenting done right

lesbian couple pregnant Facebook sperm donor

Lesbian couple defy the odds and both become pregnant at the same time after finding a sperm donor on Facebook

Tory councillor under fire for sharing ‘transphobic’ Greta Thunberg meme

Tory politician insists he doesn’t have ‘any criticism’ of LGBT+ people despite sharing ‘transphobic’ Greta Thunberg meme

Facebook bans advert celebrating lesbian marriage because of 'politics'

Facebook rejects advert celebrating lesbian wedding because apparently LGBT+ rights are a ‘social issue’

Naoufal Moussa: Trans influencer denies wanting followers to out gay men

A gay man has tragically died by suicide after being hunted down and outed thanks to a trans influencer

Indonesian police

Cop under investigation after allegedly telling a man he’d get him a police job in exchange for gay sex

Coronavirus Italy party fake Brazil

Bigots are spreading conspiracy theories that gay people caused coronavirus using an old video from a Brazilian carnival

Tiger King

Someone recreated Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and the cast of Tiger King on The Sims – and it’s eerily accurate

Nigeria: Killer claims he can't be gay because he's a plumber

Man who murdered his Facebook friend while posing as a sex worker claims he can’t be gay because he’s a plumber

Hannah Graf: People are being scammed in my name and I want it to stop

Cruel con artists are impersonating trailblazing trans army officer Hannah Graf to scam victims out of cash

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