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Unsung Lilly Facebook advert

Lesbian couple’s ‘romantic and beautiful’ Facebook post censored for ‘sexually explicit adult content’

trans athletes

Disgusting political ad claiming trans athletes would ‘destroy girls’ sports’ removed by Facebook

Tory councillor under fire for sharing ‘transphobic’ Greta Thunberg meme

Disgraced Tory politician who shared ‘transphobic’ Greta Thunberg meme quits after ‘losing party trust’

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Marty Jannetty. (WWE)

WWE legend claims publicly confessing to brutal murder of a gay man was part of an elaborate wrestling storyline

Holocaust denial Facebook algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm ‘actively promotes’ Holocaust denial content and conspiracy theories, experts say

trans facebook content

Most Facebook content on trans issues is from right-wing, ‘biased and factually inaccurate’ sources, study finds

facebook conversion therapy ads

Facebook banned conversion therapy ads and evangelical Christians are reacting exactly as you’d expect – pathetically

Facebook has outlawed promotion of conversion therapy

Facebook and Twitter join Instagram in finally banning content promoting vile, traumatising conversion therapy

Coronavirus information group rebrands to spread racist, homophobic hate

Coronavirus information group rebrands as sinister ‘free speech’ cesspit to spread racist, homophobic and transphobic hate

Facebook hate speech

Facebook refused to take down posts threatening to murder queer people because they ‘didn’t contradict standards’, say LGBT+ activists

Barbie same-sex wedding

Young girls throw adorable same-sex wedding for their Barbie dolls, officiated by Geri Halliwell, and it’s the definition of parenting done right

lesbian couple pregnant Facebook sperm donor

Lesbian couple defy the odds and both become pregnant at the same time after finding a sperm donor on Facebook

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