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BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 29: French President Emmanuel Macron speaks a Press conference after a meeting of European Union leaders at the Chancellery on June 29, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The leaders are meeting head of the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg.on June 29, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Michele Tantussi/Getty Images)

A ‘far-right’ terror suspect was planning to kill French President Emmanuel Macron and gays

Online Christian extremist mocks ‘pro-Sodomite’ Ariana Grande fans after Manchester attack

LGBT History Month event booted out of venue for far-right EDL rally


Kim Davis’ lawyer is now representing suspended judge who ‘abused authority’ to block gay weddings

Ted Cruz ‘caught telling lies’ when challenged over links to ‘death to gays’ pastor

Cruz ‘proud’ to be backed by activist who claims gays are possessed by demons

Ted Cruz to rally with extremist who blamed Holocaust on gay people

President Donald Trump with Franklin Graham

Christian charity head claims trans women are ‘sexually perverted predators’

Far-right party Britain First is pretty upset with Twitter users

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz claims gay soldiers destroyed military morale

Presenter leaves BBC radio show after ‘controversially’ calling anti-LGBT group bigots

Lawyer admits picture of ‘Kim Davis rally’ in Peru is fake

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