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Trump revokes part of Obama’s LGBT protections despite promising not to touch them

Former Republican Senator comes out against Trump’s rumoured anti-LGBT executive order

Trump brought down by his own words as second travel and refugee ban is blocked

Are White House insiders ‘faking’ support for draft anti-LGBT order?

ACLU files legal bid to get a copy of ‘secret’ Trump anti-LGBT order

Trump’s ‘freedom to discriminate’ order is still being worked on despite supposed axe

Leaked Executive Order shows Trump plans to vilify marriage equality and trans people

Senior Republican: Trump has given me ‘assurances’ he will axe Obama’s LGBT rights protections

Louisiana’s new governor signs order outlawing anti-LGBT discrimination

Pennsylvania governor responds to spate of anti-gay laws with LGBT rights order

Louisiana’s new governor to outlaw anti-LGBT discrimination

Bobby Jindal vows to force through ‘religious freedom’ law with executive order

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