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conversion therapist and Hope for Wholeness founder McKrae Game came out of the closet this summer (Facebook/McKrae Game)

Former conversion therapist who came out as gay: ‘I feel as if I escaped a cult’ 


Judge dismisses ‘former’ gay pastor’s lawsuit against Vimeo for banning traumatising conversion videos

Church of England declares sex is only for married, heterosexual couples

A group of ‘ex-gays’ are off to Washington to protest the Equality Act, because they say it’s ‘unnecessary’

Two Pulse survivors held an ‘ex-gay’ rally a mile and a half from site of mass shooting

Doctor prescribes ‘ex-gay’ celebrity’s autobiography to cure patient’s homosexuality

‘Ex-gay’ activists tried to hold a rally but hardly anyone turned up

James Franco and Zachary Quinto get intimate in ‘I Am Michael’ trailer

Billboards claiming homosexuality can be ‘cured’ to come down following complaints

‘Ex-gay’ group accidentally inspires pride event with hateful billboard

‘Ex-gay’ gospel singer, who claimed ‘God’s power’ helped him change his lifestyle, now dating a woman

Colorado advances ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy for teens

Government report recommends ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy

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