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Lithuanian MEP Viktor Uspaskich

Lithuanian MEP told to apologise for ‘despicable homophobic remarks’ after calling LGBT+ people ‘perverts’


EU sends Poland thinly-veiled warning it will crack down on LGBT+ abuse by pulling crucial funding

The Ofcom logo

Ofcom broadens definition of hate speech to include trans intolerance

Viktor Orbán in a navy suit and orange tie looks up while at a press conference

LGBT+ Hungarians are fleeing the country in droves as homophobe Viktor Orbán makes them enemies of the state

Carrefour, Poland

Major supermarket chain pulls ads from Polish state broadcaster over its appalling homophobia

Jozsef Szajer: Viktor Orbán disowns ally arrested at a gay sex party

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is incandescent with rage over a top ally being arrested at a raucous gay sex party

EU unveils historic plan to outlaw discrimination and ‘guarantee safety’ for queer citizens as anti-LGBT+ hate surges in Poland

Therapeutic and psychological experts have condemned conversion therapy

More than 60 MEPs appeal for a Europe-wide ban on ‘cruel, inhuman and torturous’ conversion therapy


Poland denies persecuting LGBT+ people – yes, really – as 50 diplomats plead with government to stop the hate

LGBT-free zones

Hundreds of thousands demand the EU intervene in Poland’s heinous LGBT-free zones

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Joe Biden joins chorus of world leaders rallying against Poland’s abhorrent ‘LGBT-free zones’. Donald Trump remains silent


Polish ministers continue to fan flames of homophobic hate while comparing being queer to being a Nazi

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