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Reggie Greer GLAAD

Joe Biden’s senior LGBT+ advisor explains White House’s approach to getting the Equality Act passed

Equality Act: Most Americans back laws protecting LGBT community

Overwhelming number of Americans back laws protecting LGBT+ community. Yes, even Republicans

The Equality Act would amend existing civil rights legislation to bar discrimination based on gender identification and sexual orientation

Christian conservatives are using Facebook to spread pathetic lies about the Equality Act

Royal Family must lose Equality Act exemption after Meghan Markle’s racism claims, say campaigners

Stella Keating: Brave trans teen urges Senate to finally pass Equality Act

Brave trans teen urges US Senate to stand up for her rights and pass the Equality Act in incredible speech

Jen Psaki Owen Jensen White House press briefing

Press secretary Jen Psaki gives masterclass in shutting down hysterical questions about trans healthcare

Equality Act

Republicans launch Equality Act rival that would ‘undermine’ LGBT+ rights in the name of religious freedom

Equality Act

Republican moron voted against Equality Act because he thinks trans people ‘offend God’

Jimmy Kimmel and Marjorie Taylor Greene

Jimmy Kimmel tears into transphobic ‘congress Karen’ Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Worst human of 2021’

George Takei

George Takei calls out bisexual senator Kyrsten Sinema over ‘baffling’ support for Equality Act roadblock

Anita Noelle Green trans beauty pageant Miss USA

Judge rules beauty pageant can ban trans women. On the same day the Equality Act passed the House, no less

Oreo cookies

Oreo whips snowflakes into a frenzy by simply declaring ‘trans people exist’

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