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An ex-husband broke into his former wife's home and unleashed a torrent of homophobic abuse simple because she was in a new relationship with a woman. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

‘Embarrassed’ husband hurls homophobic abuse at ex for being in a relationship with a woman

Most LGBT youth hide their identity to protect themselves, study finds

Most LGBT youth hide their identity to protect themselves from bullying, glaringly obvious study finds

Lee Brobson bravely stood up for his pals before being brutally beaten up by two men. (Facebook)

Man hospitalised after bravely defending his two gay friends in brutal and bloody ‘homophobic’ attack

Tim Wright, based in London, England, booked flights to meet a date from Grindr and people had no choice but to applaud him. (Tim Wright)

This guy booked a flight to meet a Grindr guy before even knowing his name and people have thoughts

Charlie Graham, 20, was jumped by two homophobic individuals in Sunderland, England. (Michelle Storey/Facebook)

Lesbian left bloody and bruised after being jumped by thugs in brutal homophobic attack

Connor Wilson was left in tears after her pals told her to come 'without the dress and wig' to a party. (Facebook)

Trans woman left in tears after friends told her to ‘come without the dress and wig’ to a queer bar

Someone practically did the lord's work by surveying London-based Grindr users their voting intention, and they're exactly what you would expect. (Tom Court)

This guy asked Grindr users how they were voting in the election and the results were… eye-opening

Conservative lgbt

Here’s 5 things you need to know about the Tories’ history of LGBT+ rights

Grindr crime: The logo for gay hook-up app Grindr

Teenagers sentenced to 13 years after luring men from Grindr to rob and urinate on them in ‘humiliating’ homophobic attack

FDA relaxes rules on blood donation for gay and bisexual men

New blood donation rules for gay and bi men in the UK has not changed rates of infected blood

LGBT+ adoptions

Adoptions to LGBT people in England reaches record high while overall number continues to decline

Home Office

Queer asylum seekers likely due compensation after supreme court rules Home Office unlawfully imprisoned thousands

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