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A group of teens loom over a same-sex couple in London before striking them. (Metropolitan Police)

Same-sex couple attacked on London bus reveal horrific details of ordeal: ‘We were harassed because of who we are’

A group of teens loom over a same-sex couple in London before striking them. (Metropolitan Police)

This is the horrific moment a gang of teens launched the violent attack on a same-sex couple that shocked the world

Two women on a London bus covered in blood after alleged homophobic attack

Three teenage boys plead guilty to threatening same-sex couple after they refused to perform sex act

Police chief Rachel Swann (L) addresses reporters about the evacuation of Whaley Bridge in August. (Screen capture via BBC)

British police chief quits Twitter following ‘homophobic abuse’ over her spiky hairstyle

HIV awareness activist Philip Baldwin. (Supplied)

Rural stigma surrounding HIV remains the greatest barrier to totally end new transmissions by 2030

Gay couple traumatised after being targeted by vigilante paedophile hunters

Innocent gay couple ‘traumatised’ after being falsely accused by vigilante paedophile hunters

Bournemouth, England, police are currently scoping for a man in relation to a 'homophobic attack' against a woman. (Dorset Police)

Woman punched in the face in ‘homophobic attack’ could suffer permanent damage to her sight

A fan asked Charli XCX to sign an enema and Twitter felt very conflicted about it all. (Twitter)

Charli XCX signed a fan’s douche and gay Twitter has a lot of thoughts

An overwhelming majority of homophobic hate crimes end in convictions, but more work needs to be done with transphobic hate

A pair of women hurled horrific homophobic insults at a gay couple simply because they were kissing. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Gay couple told to get ‘stabbed in the a**’ and called ‘b***y boys’ after kissing in London

Dozens protested outside a shopping centre in Reading, the site of the UK's first Chick-fil-A store. (Martin Cooper)

Drag Race’s Sum Ting Wong and around ‘150 protesters’ tell UK’s first Chick-fil-A to ‘sashay away’

(Fairground stock photo vis Elements Envato)

A 16-year-old was repeatedly punched in the face in ‘frightening’ homophobic attack at fairground

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