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Members of the Russia gay community

Meanwhile, in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, school kids’ social media profiles are being screened for ‘LGBT+ propaganda’

WarwickshiLGBT+ inclusive education in primary schools has become a battlegroundre County Council has reportedly ditched the relationship education programme

Education minister sparks serious concerns after suggesting LGBT+ lessons in primary schools could be derailed by religion

Catholic school

Not content with firing staff for being gay, Catholic schools are now trying to use ‘religious liberty’ to sack teachers who have cancer

Archbishop is upset people are being 'mean' over firing of gay teacher

Archbishop is upset that people are being ‘mean’ over a decision to fire a gay teacher for being married to a man

Bisexual coach challenges bigoted parent who complained about sexuality

Bigoted parent thinks volleyball coach coming out as bisexual makes him unsuitable to teach high school students

The Civitas think tank report takes aim at LGBT+ people

Council scraps relationship education programme after attacks from anti-LGBT campaigners for ‘promoting experimental transgender ideas’

Pat Sowa has called for LGBT inclusive education, like the lessons designed by Andrew Moffat Birmingham

Birmingham teacher at the centre of school protests says if people can’t ‘celebrate’ LGBT+ folk, they should at least ‘accept’ them

School chiefs claps back at homophobic religious groups in an iconic way

These religious homophobes think schools teach kids to be gay. So a school chief clapped back in the most iconic of ways

LGBT teachers

Four in 10 UK LGBT teachers have experienced homophobia, biphobia or transphobia at work

(Photo by RODGER BOSCH/AFP/GettyImages)

Gay teacher brutally beaten and threatened with a knife by student’s parent in traumatising attack

Vietnam Pride

Children in Vietnam are still being taught that being gay is ‘a disease’

The LGBT+ Pride flag crossing outside Woodside High School attracted hundreds of online complaints. (Woodside High School/Instagram)

London school flooded with abusive messages after painting a rainbow crossing to celebrate LGBT History Month

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