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domestic violence LGBT

LGBT+ people think domestic violence is a cis-straight issue, study finds. They’re wrong

domestic abuse

LGBT+ domestic abuse victims are staying with perpetrators in lockdown because no refuge spaces are available

Philipp Tanzer gay porn men's rights activist

Former gay porn star is now a ‘men’s rights activist’ who claims he’s ‘being silenced’ – despite starring in a 24-minute documentary

Domestic violence survivor Matt

This domestic abuse survivor broke free from a controlling, violent relationship

Hong Kong Pride

Three quarters of LGBT women in Hong Kong have experienced domestic violence

Domestic violence shelters: Gender recognition changes ‘would have no impact’ on services

10 types of abusive behaviour that is officially illegal in a relationship

Bisexual women ‘especially at risk’ of violence, says report

Nearly a third of LGBT+ domestic violence victims have attempted suicide

Women’s refuges set to overturn ban on self-identifying transgender staff

Jack Monroe: I was a victim of domestic abuse

Glee star Naya Rivera arrested on domestic violence charge

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