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Marsha P Johnson

LGBT+ domestic abuse refuge centre named for Stonewall pioneers Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera opens

Philipp Tanzer gay porn men's rights activist

Former gay porn star is now a ‘men’s rights activist’ who claims he’s ‘being silenced’ – despite starring in a 24-minute documentary

Domestic violence survivor Matt

This domestic abuse survivor broke free from a controlling, violent relationship

10 types of abusive behaviour that is officially illegal in a relationship

Women’s Aid issues warning over emotional abuse on Love Island

Nearly a third of LGBT+ domestic violence victims have attempted suicide

Convicted domestic abusers to be banned from owning guns in New York state

Louisiana advances bill to protect same-sex couples in domestic abuse cases

Manchester Police is first in the UK to officially record LGBT domestic abuse

Gay porn star arrested for beating up boyfriend because he watched gay porn

The politician behind Russia’s anti-gay law wants to decriminalise domestic violence

Domestic violence in LGBT community hidden despite high rates

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