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Anne Hathaway in The Witches, wearing a big black hat, blonde hair, and carrying a black cat in a grand ballroom

Anne Hathaway apologises for ‘pain caused’ by The Witches’ offensive portrayal of limb difference

NHS England officials were embroiled in controversy after a document appeared to compare being LGBT+ to being disabled. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

‘Absolutely shameful’ NHS England report disturbingly compares being LGBT+ to having a disability

Queer comedian playwright and amputee Jackie Hagan

Queer, disabled comedian eloquently explains why ‘the idea of perfection is really dangerous’

CIBC bank manager allegedly said employees had to be gay or bisexual to be promoted

Bank manager told straight employee he would only be promoted if he was gay or bisexual

Paddy Smyth, a gay man with cerebral palsy

Gay man with cerebral palsy joins The Circle and wants to show he’s ‘fearless’

Ryan O'Connell and Augustus Prew in Netflix comedy Special

Special creator Ryan O’Connell explains why he cast gay actors in gay roles

Emily Brothers speaks to PinkNews about being a blind trans woman

How the internet helped me come out as a blind trans woman

Jessica teaching how to sign 'trans'

International Week of the Deaf: Gay deaf woman teaches queer sign language in amazing video

Man offered ‘gay cure therapy by his disability benefits assessor’

Autistic and LGBT: This is what it’s like to be queer and have an autistic spectrum disorder

Corrie star Melissa Johns says role as one-armed lesbian made her ‘proud’ of her disability

Judge lets trans woman sue for discrimination under disabilities law

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