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Lawyer Dwayne Bensing exposed anti-trans emails

Gay lawyer claims he was fired after leaking anti-trans Trump administration emails

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LGBT teachers in the countryside are nine times more likely to have mental health problems, says study

Boys can now wear skirts to school in Puerto Rico

David Blunkett: Equal marriage legislation was a ‘dog’s dinner’ but it is what people wanted

Department for Education clarifies deleted tweet claiming it’s ‘nonsense’ schools must teach gay rights

Department for Education: It’s nonsense to say schools must teach gay rights

Nicky Morgan & Jo Swinson: Our plan to eliminate homophobia in schools

Baptist Minister: ‘Most people’ don’t want the history of gay marriage taught to their kids

UK Government: Ex-teachers’ leader who wants to ban LGBT groups is ‘completely wrong’

UK Government: ‘Schools should not promote any sexual orientation’

National AIDS Trust: Making sex education optional hampers the fight against HIV

London teacher: ‘Why shouldn’t faith schools criticise gays?’

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