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Text reading: PinkNews Awards 2020 in association with Amazon

PinkNews Awards 2020: Nominees revealed for Politician of the Year

Tory MP: Equalities chief Liz Truss should be sacked over lack of ‘empathy’

Tory MP Crispin Blunt calls for equalities minister Liz Truss to be sacked as she doesn’t have the ‘empathy for the role’

Tory MP: Equalities chief Liz Truss should be sacked over lack of ‘empathy’

Equalities minister Liz Truss suggests she’s not qualified to say whether or not the ‘new’ gender clinics are actually new

Liz Truss: LGBT panel disbanded over transgender self-determination

Liz Truss will ‘shortly’ bring forward plans to end traumatising conversion therapy after two years of delay

Pink Houses of Parliament

Our Pink Parliament 2015-2017: A look back at the gayest-ever parliament

Bianca Jagger apologises after posting homophobic list of pro-Iraq war politicians

We asked these out MPs what the EU actually means for LGBT rights

Crispin Blunt: Don’t be taken for a mug – voting for Brexit won’t put LGBT rights at risk

Nick Clegg warns government to rethink poppers ban as start date looms

Spectator columnist claims need for poppers proves gay sex is “unnatural and perverse”

Crispin Blunt’s poppers speech: a brave acknowledgment of awkward truths

Gay Tory MP Crispin Blunt reveals he takes poppers – as government tries to ban them

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